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We also own a Recording Studio !

Studio Virginia Beach

Studio Virginia Beach Brickhouse Records is a family owned Record Label And Recording Studio based in Hampton Roads, (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton and Suffolk, VA) servicing all of the Tidewater area for almost 10 years! We are more than just a Virginia Beach Studio, we help in publishing, artist development, pre-production, audio classes and many other services. From our family to yours, thank you for visiting our website. Please browse and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (757) 971-2381 or via email, or friend us on Facebook

There is something about a professional Studio Virginia Beach engineer grabbing the faders of his console and going to work that just seams to blow away what the average home recording guy can do. Why can't you get the same sound in the your home Studio Virginia Beach mixes? Let's see why. I get emails from bands all the time who attempted to record their band on a Roland recorder. Sometimes the sound quality of their home tracking isn't all that bad. Some bands need to take more time to get the performances they are looking for. If each member of the band sounds good, the tracking should go pretty smoothly. This is why I always recommend that a professional recording studio Chesapeake mixes any project that means anything to the artist. Mixing is a tough thing to master. It takes years and years and years to even get started. It takes even more years to become great at it. There are a number factors that separate that average band recording their own record with the a real mixer.

Studio Virginia Beach

A professional mixer in a Studio Virginia Beach has a total understanding of equaliziation. He/she knows that to expect when he reaches for a parametric eq. He'll come pretty close to finding the exact frequency just by listening. He/she has used his parametric eq so many times that he knows exactly what it will sound like when you grabs that eq. I know 90% of the time that if I'm mixing a metal band, I'll need to cut out 300 Hz out of the kick drum. I'll listen for about 2 seconds just to make sure, but I immediately know that the kick drums typically found in metal music have a certain sound that requires eq. This is normal. I've heard many home recordings where it was obvious that the amateur mixing person simply didn't know this. A professional mixer recording studio Portsmouth has used a compressor for years. Most home recording beginners barely know what a compressor is. I've been fighting with compressors for the past 4 years day in and day out. I would say that I'm finally to the point where the compressor isn't laughing at me. It certainly took a while. The more I learn about compressors, the more I realize that they are the most powerful mixing tool (with exception to the volume fader). There are probably 50 tricks you can do with a compressor. If you aren't familiar with a compressor, you are lossed. You will not be able to mix a great sounding record that translates onto many stereo systems. At least not in the rock, pop genre. If you think you can, I want to hear it.

Studio Virginia Beach

Compressors can be used to make drums hit harder with more attack or softer with less attack. When mixing, compressors can actually make drums sound closer or far away. Studio Virginia Beach Using parallel compression, you can easily bring more live and aggression into your drum sounds. By compressing a room mic, you can control how much reverb is on the cymbals vs the snare drum. Compression can often reduce or even eliminate the need for eq in certain instances. Most importantly, a professional mixer Studio Virginia Beach has tremendous ears, tremendous studio monitors, and a tremendous room. If you are luckly, you have just one of the three. Most people have none. You have to remember that a pro may have mixed 1000 songs or more on his current studio rig. He knows how a kick drum is going to translate to the outside world. He knows what his studio monitors are telling him. I've never seen an amateur mixing session ever translate even close when taken out to other speaker systems. The ability to create great sounding mixes comes from experience. Studio Virginia Beach If you don't have experience, impressive tools, impressive ears, and an impressive room you may want to consider hiring a professional mixer for your important project.
Recording Studio In Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth Va Hampton Roads (757)971-2381 For a Booking. .Located At 7821 Nth Military Hwy Norfolk Va. Or email us at

We own a remodeling Company !

Remodeling Virginia Beach Company

Remodeling Virginia Beach Hello, my name is Mike Brickhouse, owner of Creative Living LLc. I would like to personally welcome you to our posting. Creative Living is a family owned Remodeling and Renewal company based in Hampton Roads, servicing all of the Tidewater area for almost 10 years! Remodeling Virginia Beach We do more than just Remodel your home, we help make those dreams become possible !From our family to yours, thank you for visiting our posting. Please browse and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us phone (757)-597-4061. You can also visit our website at Our Services: Bathrooms, Carpet, Concrete, Custom, Decks , Electrical, Fence, Fire Damage, Flooring, HVAC, Insulation, Kitchen, Landscaping, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing, Siding, Water Damage, Windows , Tile, Trim ......... All of our work is 100% Guaranteed! With a One year Warranty!

Residential and Commercial Repair - Remodel - Renovation

Remodeling Virginia Beach

Remodeling Virginia Beach We offer a broad range of home repair solutions. Our focus is on high quality and best value in all of your project requirements. This high quality and workmanship has been developed from 15 years of experience in remodeling rooms, installing custom trim, wood floors, ceramic tile and more. Every project, both small and large, is approached with the highest levels of professionalism, skill, and integrity. Remodeling Virginia Beach

Specializing In:

  • Installation of tile and wood floors
  • Door and Window replacement
  • Painting - Interior and Exterior
  • Drywall Repairs
  • House plans for remodeling, including creative and innovative design concepts

Request a Bid for your next project:

We will be pleased to provide an email bid for basic repairs and upgrades. We will set up an appointment to review more complex remodeling work or repairs and provide a complete summary of materials and labor costs. You canrequest a bid on-line or give us a call.Remodeling Virginia Beach

Look around this site to get ideas and to learn about some of the changes you can make to your home to add value and enjoyment. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help on your next project.Remodeling Virginia Beach Hampton Roads: Chesapeake Virginia Beach Hampton Newport News Norfolk GREAT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE 10% off up to $500 20% off upt o $1,000 10% off for 1st time home owners!! KEEP IN MIND FREE ESTIMATES!!!! Mike Brickhouse 757-597-4061

And A Carpet cleaning And Resoration Company !

Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach

BEACH AND BEYOND CARPET CARE Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach Hello, my name is Mike Brickhouse, owner of Beach and Beyond Carpet Care. I would like to personally welcome you to our post. Beach and Beyond is a family owned Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach and Restoration Company based in Hapton Roads, servicing all of the Tidewater area for almost 10 years! We do more than just shampoo your carpets, we use the most popular and widely accepted 'Hot Water Extraction" process to get your Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach. Our cleaning is safe for you and your family! From our family to yours, thank you for visiting our post. Please browse and if you have any questions please feel free to contact or phone (757)-286-5544 or 757-597-4061 You can visit our website @ Our Services: Wall to wall Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach Furniture Cleaning Area Rug cleaning Wall to wall carpet reapirs and Installation Installation of padding for wall to wall carpet Water and fire Restoration Commercial Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach Vehicle Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach

SPECIALS: WHOLE HOUSE/ 5 ARES $99.95 2 ROOMS AND A HALL FOR ONLY $59.95 SOFA $89.95 LOVESEAT $69.95 Service Are: Hampton Roads/ Chesapeake Virginia Beach Hampton Newport News Norfolk Beach and Beyond Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach has built its reputation on thoroughness and reliability specializing in:
  • using proven steam carpet cleaning methods
  • pretesting and steam or dry cleaning upholstery
  • hand cleaning of leather objects
  • stain removal
  • in plant oriental rug cleaning
  • flood and fire damage restoration
  • water damage restoration
  • proper odor problem analysis and removal
  • mildew and mold treatment
  • state-of-art structure drying and dehumidification equipment
  • emergency response
Carpet Cleaners Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaners In Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth Va Hampton Roads (757)286-5544 For a Free Estimate Or Emergency Service 24/7 .Located At 7821 Nth Military Hwy Norfolk Va. Or email us at

Virginia Beach Graphic Designers - Why Hire A Pro?

Graphic Design

  Virginia Beach Graphic Designers - Graphic design is a field for highly creative individual people. Although anyone can dream of becoming Virginia Beach Graphic Designers, not everyone can succeed in it. Being a graphic designer gives you the freedom and liberty to explore your creative thoughts. It also provides you the chance of independently working on a project and making decisions on your own. Some people like the thrills of creative freedom and self-determination and thus end up becoming a graphic designer. The computer is a great tool, and it makes it easier for small business owners to create their own fliers, brochures, postcards and even websites. So why would you want to use the services of a professional Virginia Beach Graphic Designers? Here are seven reasons why small business owners are best served by hiring a design professional to create their marketing materials.

You don’t have time.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. That means you may put off doing a new marketing piece, even if it is something you really need. Hiring Virginia Beach Graphic Designers to help means you can get that project done and begin using it to make you more money.

You can’t afford not to.

By the time you learn how to use that page layout software that came free with your computer, you may have invested several hours. Couldn’t that have been used more productively? If you could have paid Virginia Beach Graphic Designers $500 and used your time to earn $1,000 for your business, you have not chosen wisely.

You are trying to uniquely brand your business.

Now, not every small business needs to stand out. If you’re a locksmith in a small community, for example, it may be enough to just show up in internet searches and be in the phone book. But if you’re in a market with a dozen other locksmiths, you want to stand out. You don’t do that with a clip art logo or canned flier that looks the same as 10 of those 12 competitors. Using marketing materials that are unique and stand out are a way for people to remember you. And if they think they’ve seen you before, they are more likely to choose to contact you for your products or services.

You want to keep your look consistent.

If you use different logos, different fonts and different messages everywhere, it’s going to be hard to look professional – never mind standing out in a potential customer’s mind. Virginia Beach Graphic Designers know how to watch those little details and ensure that every piece of marketing communications fits with everything else. Sure, your customers may not notice if you used “Times New Roman” in one ad and “Calibri” in another, but the subconscious mind picks up details and uses them to form an overall opinion of your business. You look and seem more put together if everything does, in fact, fit together.

Virginia Beach Graphic Designers

You save yourself a lot of headaches.

Let’s say you do put together something yourself, and send it off to the printer. When the proof – or worse, the finished product – comes back with problems that you didn’t anticipate, fixing or reprinting will take even more time and money. Virginia Beach Graphic Designers know what to do to make sure a file prints out correctly.

You get a brand new source of ideas.

Virginia Beach Graphic Designers are generally pretty creative folks, and they like to help their clients get the most out of every project. Hiring a designer is likely to mean that you’ll end up with a better finished product than you could have put together, even if you’re skilled at making things look good. His or her ideas may lead to a more eye-catching, more appealing and more polished piece than you would have created – thus leading to more attention from potential customers and more sales.

You take more pride in your marketing materials.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had an ugly or boring business card? Were you less likely to hand it out? If that brochure is outdated and uses a weird color scheme, you may just keep it behind the counter instead of displaying it. All your marketing materials should be the best they can be for your business, or you’ll have some hesitation in presenting them to new customers. Website Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce, Web-Site Hosting, Domain Names, Marketing And Social Media Marketing In Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth VA Hampton Roads (757) 597-1584

Website Design: Why Contact Us for Your Virginia Beach Project?

Website Design Virginia Beach

Website Design - The reason is obvious. A webpage that has a unique Website Design with great customized content is a vital weapon to fight for your company's e-commerce web world success and to attain efficacy on the internet. The big advantage of a customized Website Design is that the website will function exactly to your specifications. Our goal is to freeze the visitors on the fly. This is where custom Website Design comes in. How is this done? With specific internet marketing strategies that move your enterprise to the top of the heap. Your website will convey a unique, attractive image to your visitors. We use our technical knowledge to ensure that your website is user-friendly and compatible with all browsers. We ensure a best quality product!

Website Design

The world of Website Design is constantly changing. Last year’s breakthrough design ideas are old news today. Imagine Media stays on top of the latest trends by providing free access to education and other resources for our designers. Website Design is an art that combines creative talent and programming knowledge. We have the best artists with the best programming skills out there. The Best Web Design Company in The World is what we strive to be. Every client is guaranteed to LOVE their website by Imagine Media. If you don’t love it, you won’t pay for it. We understand that different industries require different website design approaches, and we will work with you to create the look that’s best for your business. When you choose Imagine Media to build the concept and design your website, here’s what you’re going to get: Website Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce,Website Hosting, Domain Names, Marketing And Social Media Marketing In Virginia Beach Chesapeake Norfolk Portsmouth VA Hampton Roads (757) 597-1584

Search Engine Optimization Success Secrets

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has become a tremendous industry! Search engine optimization expertise is an ever changing art. The quality of design, website hosting, and custom scripts are usually not enough in this increasingly competitive profession. Our challenge is to know this profession better than any other group of professionals anywhere else in the world. Custom website design and development require numerous techniques and processes: we must extract your design and content from your original concept and transform your ideas into a genuinely striking design. Deciding to hire a Search engine optimization pro is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. Many Search engine optimization specialists and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including:
  • Review of your site content or structure
  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  • Content development
  • Management of online business development campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization training
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies.

Search Engine Optimization

The search engines want to provide the surfer with results from companies that have invested in a quality website. Search engine optimization rankings are increasingly dependent on uniqueness and quality. Have you ever wondered how search engines have become so accurate in providing quality search results? We know the answer. A professionally made website, created using our combined design ideas will perform outstandingly well on search engines. Our web design company has invested countless hours in learning the exact reason for every move up or down every kind of individual search engine's rankings. The expertise we have created for the Search engine optimization business, let us share that knowledge with you, as our treasured client. Placing keywords in your Meta Tags alone will not cause a website to be on the first page of the search results. Designing a website should incorporate algorithm rules, if your company wants to go way up in the search engine rankings. We can make it happen for you.   Website design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce,Web-Site Hosting, Domain Names, Marketing And Social Media Marketing In Virginia Beach Chesapeake Norfolk Portsmouth VA Hampton Roads (757) 597-1584

Web Design - Imagine Media Virginia Beach Virginia

web design Virginia Beach

Web Design - We understand what it's like to be a small business owner and will work with you to build a professional website at an affordable price. Plus, we don't stop there! With our unbeatable personalized customer service we will continue to work with you to keep your Web Design up-to-date. Web Design Virginia Beach

We recognize that with technology there comes a vocabulary that can sometimes be difficult to comprehend, so we pride ourselves on explaining things so they are easily understandable. We take the time to get to know you and your business, and strive to provide you with a website marketed toward your target client or customer. We can also recommend and help devise a marketing plan to help your business grow on the internet. Web Design Portsmouth

Creative Web Design and Development

Doing more with your Web Design gives your customers a more satisfying experience with your brand. It gives you more satisfying results as well – from better, more actionable data to increased sales.

At Imagine Media, we’ve built our careers around improving your web experience. We even make it look easy. We can:

  • Update the look and feel of your website
    • A fresh look? We’ll take your Web Design to new heights, with a website style that engages your visitors and makes you stand out from the competition.
    • New functionality? From simple content management systems to complex online e-commerce systems, and web apps, we develop high-performing web applications – from scratch if necessary.
  • Improve the usability of your website
  • Add new applications and functionality
  • Correct functionality that doesn’t work well
  • Bring consistency to your ongoing visual communications

And what’s more, we are collaborative, cooperative and helpful – we enjoy what we do, and it shows. From our full range of Web Design and development services to traditional print and identity design services, we enhance your brand experience. For everyone involved. Web Design Chesapeake

Latest Technology and Methods - Industry Knowledge and Experience

Imagine Media utilizes only the latest and greatest Web Design tools to achieve the design concept. Our clients want to know whether we’ve done Web Design on sites like theirs before. Thanks to our years of experience working with a broad range of industries, we’re confident that we can say YES.

Website design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce,Website Hosting, Domain Names, Marketing And Social Media Marketing In Virginia Beach Chesapeake Norfolk Portsmouth VA Hampton Roads (757) 597-1584